Worry Free Ways to Ask for Payment Without Being Awkward With Your Customers

Asking for money is probably one of the most difficult things to do when running a business. Most proprietors and employees expect that customers would hand them payments for their products and services instantly. For marketers and sales personnel, it requires a bit more to avoid being awkward in asking payment for customers.

1. Be Friendly
Sending an email or a letter showing the information regarding a company’s biling statement helps resolve monetary issues and make things easier for the accounting department. Most of the time, being friendly and less formal with your customers in emails or documents helps them realise their error and even resolve the issue easier. Avoid being demanding, be friendly.

2. Leverage
Understanding that customers and business-owners have a symbiotic relationship, it is essential that one understands how to use leverage. Attempting to hold work until payment for the previous work arrives is one strategy for leverage. Another is to compromise the quality for the quality of payment received.

3. Be Direct
Make things simple. When asking for payment from a client directly, just keep it simple and understatements can also help. Saying that “we will just need (this amount)” is very helpful because it is direct, it provides instruction and it avoids having to prolong asking for money. The customer may pay at once, or ask you to provide the details of the payment scheme.

Things to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Social media is a highly effective tool for product marketing and brand development, but doing it the wrong way can be costly. Here are a few things to remember to avoid.

1. Posting Schedule
People want to see relevant feeds on their accounts, and spraying them with spam-like updates, or at least consistent updates, will never become a good way to have them remember your product. It is usually on a Thursday that there is a great influx of information coming from many business social networks. It would be advisable to “avoid the traffic” to allow your social network to step up.

2. Too Much Social Media Effort
Some entrepreneurs say social media is effective because it allows them to connect with customers. However, the sad reality is that social networks and your account only determines your presence in the network. Your posts and updates will provide information, but it is not enough to persuade them to make a sale. Putting a copywrite for a status update is awkward, so leading them to your blog is more essential.

3. Different Social Network Users
Social network users could vary as light to heavy users, and not everyone spends so much time in social media. You could get a great number of audiences, but increasing the number of viewers and potential customers you could have should not rest just with social media. While keeping sincerity and dedication in check with personal responses, different social networks would not always see what you have done or posted, unless it turns vital.

Guest Blogging and Ways It Can Help Your Campaign

Having links from high-quality websites allows your website to rank higher than websites with only little or without any links from a high-quality website. This is what Search Engine Optimization experts call “link juice.” Most link juice can come from a single guest blog post. You could also have the following advantages.

1. New Personality
A website’s audience is very particular with each official blog author’s writing persona because this might be the “attracting” factor that had them look up the website in the first place, or because it helps them understand the information easier. A new persona could be an advantage or disadvantage as it may attract or shoo away your readers.

2. Related
If your guest blog is related to your website niche, it will not be suspicious to most search engine bots. Writing a hotel review in a technical-grade industry company website is suspicious and completely unrelated. Not only will it confuse your readers, but it may also have the website penalized by Google.

3. Low-Quality Link Building
Guest blogs can help you only if they are well-written and are of good quality. Search engines only penalize websites that develop low quality link building, which shows obvious signs of manipulation and tampering of search engine bots. If a website uses a guest blog as something that helps increase exposure and brand awareness, then search engines will index it properly.

Lloyds Had Partially Refunded Consumers For PPI Over The Past Year

UK media claims that Lloyds had used “alternative redress” to reduce the refund they provide consumers since February 2013. According to journalists, the regulatory provision granted the bank millions in savings from refunding mis sold PPI. Many consumers were infuriated with the exploitation of the provision.

Alternative redress allows banks to replace single-premium PPI with a regular-premium PPI assuming consumers made a mistake purchasing the former and instead purchased the latter. Instead of fully refunding a single-premium PPI, they assume the insurance was partly mis sold.

Journalists said that they only found minimal complaints last year regarding the use of alternative redress because consumers had not known about the regulatory provision. Consumers said that it was unfair, and that it would be a hassle to make a claim again to get their complete refunds.

Many consumers requested an online PPI claim form to address the full repayment of consumers with alternative redress. However, according to observers, consumers must verify with their documentation, including their original policy and billing statements, and by calling their bank to know if they were given alternative redress.

PPI is designed to repay financing whenever consumers get sick, into an accident or unemployed. Because of its exceptions, many consumers sold the insurance with their financing were not eligible for their insurance policy.

Social Networks Affect your Search Engine Visibility

When you place a post on Facebook, you get social network recognition especially if you gain high traffic from readers or subscribers. However, it might not be enough for business social media accounts because a degree of professionalism is needed for search engines to recognize the account as verified.

Facebook can upgrade your search engine presence if you have employees registering their workplace to your company official page. However, this might not be enough because of the lack of employee credentials to improve the presence of your page.

Professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, can help you gain search engine presence if you have you and your employees register as a legitimate business. In here, all employee credentials and capabilities are displayed, signifying the calibre of workforce and quality of business you have. The more employers become interested with your employees, the more your brand gets a boost.

While Facebook and Twitter can help you increase your product and service presence, business social media accounts can help you increase your brand presence and personality. Most social networks based on professional profiles can feature the business milestones your page has achieved based on local or international news, which helps your search engine presence effectively as well.

Public Relations: Patience and Finding the Right Words for the Job

Businesses create new networks by public relation and if your company representative fails in communicating the company’s message to other partners, a meeting can end up sourly on your end. If you are doing PR, always remember to have patience and be sure that you are saying “politically-correct” terminologies depending on the client you wil meet for the day.


1. Educate Yourself in Some Insider Slang
In a meeting, you want to express the willingness of your business to enter a venture with another company, but be sure you researched some words from their own industry. Using these words reflect your interest and show the clients or potential partners that your company is very interested and they can also share more insight with you and if you reciprocate properly using some insider slangs, you could win their attention and willingness to listen to your company offer.

2. Do Not Talk Too Fast or Too Slow
PR people have personality and talking in a proper way is important. Overcompensation for personality, such as talking too fast due to nervousness, or too slow, because you are still processing your words, is decipherable by other representatives easily. Be sure to talk in a way that you deem formal depending on your client. Inserting some jokes from time to time is also important.

3. Do Not Force
Walking right into a meeting, do not expect that things will happen as smoothly as you planned. Things can always happen because it is not only you, but other people with plans. Never force the results you want according to your plan. Wait for the other party or parties to decide and never let your emotions show what you intend to be as a result. It is important not to force events because you represent the discipline of your company when under pressure.

Building Business Relationships the Right Way

A businesses processes existing products created by manufacturers and suppliers and adds innovation and marketing into the mix. Manufacturers and suppliers are a different kind of business and building working relationships with them helps you to increase your sales as well.

1. Word-of-Mouth
Word-of mouth communication between one business or contact to another business or contact is one of the most dependable form of building business relationships. Word-of-mouth may also be direct referral, which develops better trust between manufacturer and the business.

2. Auditioning
A business could also advertise that they are looking for manufacturers in specific industry networks. This helps attract old and new manufacturers who are compelled by a proposing business’ idea regarding products and the return of investments.

3. Exposition
Most industries showcase a special industry show that exhibits the top products and services of business in the industry. Related business leaders also attend these expositions to help their business gain relationships and taking this chance to communicate with potential partners is a must.

4. Set a Formal Date
When meeting business proprietors informally, you should set a formal date for your meeting. Discussing all the aspects of your business plan in public or during an exposition is very informal and it is highly unlikely you could divulge all the necessary information at once.

Blogging: What Users Think of Your Grammar

Everyone expects that an encyclopedia has impeccable use of the localized language. A blogger who writes formally for a trendy fashion magazine will have audiences dub him or her as a boring type of fellow. In writing, your style must reflect the culture your industry belongs to. Grammar is important, but formal grammar and writing is not always important.

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1. Correct Spelling
Any user or community member will point out if you mistype words and this small mistake could mean a great credibility loss for the writer or the website. When talking about certain topics, always make sure that the spelling of such words, especially ones that you would like to define in your articles, to be correct.

2. Proper Descriptors
Using a “high-faluting” jargon in an article that focuses on a casual topic such as values without any explanation will cost you an audience. A casual topic requires casual descriptors. When writing about parenting, you could use jargons as long as you explain it. When writing about fashion, trendy words, even some internet buzzwords, can be useful in developing your writing style.

3. Punctuation
Consumers and readers are very particular with a writer’s use of punctuations. A period at every end of a sentence, a comma to stress out an action or subject and the right usage of semicolons is highly important to have the article noted as a well-written one.

Winning the Trust of Your Consumers Effectively

You could make use of all the advertising and marketing strategies you could get your hands on, but it is when you win your consumers’ trust that you gain more consumers and gain a better hold in the local or regional market. Any business should strive to win the trust of consumers.

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1. Genuine Service
Your business’ mission and vision is highly crucial for consumers because many will believe your statement. Living up to genuine service, down to the first sales representative your consumer meets up to your level as proprietor, urges your first consumer to share their experience to other people as well.

2. Acknowledge Competition
Consumers easily determine which business are currently in competition with each other. If you acknowledge your competition as predicted by your consumers, you could win your consumers’ trust. An acknowledgement means you are striving to provide better products for your consumers while beating the competition, or raising the bar of the business competition.

3. After-Sales
Most cheap or affordable alternatives to big-name companies could function similarly as to the products of these giant companies, but these alternative products have no after-sales help for any trouble you find as you continue to make use of the product. After-sales is highly important for consumers and if your business implements good after-sales services, you get a better reception from your consumers.

How to Ensure You Get Good Social Media Visibility

Social media is the best way to promote and improve your brand marketing strategies because what you present in social media appears genuine to your audiences. However, social media is a bit tricky if you are not careful. Here are a few things you need to remember.

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1. Shorter Updates
The faster it is to read and understand, the better your audiences remember and digest your posts. The shorter your update the better. Instead of posting an entire article in your status update, you could use a summary and a link to your actual company blog.

2. Timing and Frequency
It is important that you do not appear as a spam or attention-seeking social media profile. Instead, appear as a company that practices proper publishing techniques. If your target audiences are young professionals, do not repost your content over and over in the same hour. Instead, during the breaktimes of these professionals, you appear when they check their social media profiles during lunch or after work.

3. Rapport
Your potential clients will probably ask you questions and answering them using the social media profile is a great way to develop good brand consciousness and rapport. Include these with high quality media and content you provide in your website, you get an audience that would be willing to try out your product or service and promote it in their own social circles.